• Snowplowing operations will not generally be conducted for snowfall of less than 1 inch
• Snow will be plowed in a manner so as to provide access as soon as possible and to minimize any traffic obstructions
• The city square will be plowed first and completed by 5:30 am
• Streets and cul-de-sacs are initially plowed with a single pass to open all routes as soon as possible
• Widening and cleanup operations may continue immediately or on the following work day depending on conditions and circumstances
• Snowplowing and/or removal operations may be terminated after 10-12 hours to allow personnel adequate time for rest
• Operations may also be suspended during periods of limited visibility, significant winds or severe cold so as to not jeopardize the safety of city employees and equipment
• The City will provide access for emergency services on an “as-needed” basis during a major snow or ice storm
• The City will limit use of salt and sand to locations where there are hazardous or slippery conditions.
• Property owners should assume all risk of damage for landscaping, including nursery and inanimate materials that are installed or encroach on City right-of-way
• Snowplow operators make every attempt to minimize the amount of snow deposited in driveways, but City personnel do not provide driveway cleaning
• The final cleaning adjacent to mailboxes is the responsibility of each resident
• Vehicles cannot be parked on any city street from the hours of 1:00 am to 6:00 am each morning beginning December 1 through February 28
• Vehicles cannot be parked on any street or alley during snow removal operations
• Complaints regarding snow and ice removal or damage will be taken during normal working hours and handled in accordance with the City’s complaint procedures

By Kristin Lewis, Sully Hometown Press

2013_sully_speed_co Early in the summer of 2012, Jon Rankin (left in photo) and Derrick Zimmerman of Sully took the first steps to starting their lifelong dream – owning altnd operating their own bike shop. photo

Sully Speed Co. is now a reality. Rankin and Zimmerman are renting garage space from Tim Dunsbergen on West 4th Street in the Sully Business Park and work on motorcycles in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Sully Speed Co.’s main focus is the fabrication and restoration of motorcycles. They will also service, fix, and sell bikes, but they have a passion for taking old motorcycles and putting them back on the road again. Rankin explained, “I think what sets us apart is that we see every old motorcycle as a piece of history, as a piece of art. We see beauty in these bikes and we have a desire to put them back on the road where they belong, sometimes better than they ever were.”

The pair has been friends for years – they rode the bus together starting when Zimmerman was in kindergarten and Rankin was a first grader at Lynnville-Sully School. The boys tinkered with things together from the beginning, “My dad has a shop in Galesburg and would work on anything. So I grew up on it; that’s how I caught the sickness,” Zimmerman shared.

Rankin added, “My dad had motorcycles which interested me, but growing up, I hung out with Zimmy in his dad’s shop. So that’s where I caught on.” Since they were young, both boys would talk about having their own businesses. Zimmerman’s dream was to restore hot rods and Rankin was going to have a motorcycle shop. But in the last couple of years they decided, “Why not do it together?” And the idea of Sully Speed Co. was born, except, it wasn’t going to be in Sully. Jon and his wife, Shelly, had been living in Des Moines and Jon didn’t really see them leaving the city, “When we would talk about this dream, I wanted to stay in Des Moines and start something downtown.” When the dream would become the topic of conversation, all kinds of options were thrown around. The two weren’t sure where, when, or how their shop would come to be, they just knew they’d do something someday!


  • Each photographer can enter maximum of (4) photographs.
  • Photographs must be a minimum of 5” x 7” and a maximum of 11” x 14”.
  • All photographs must be mounted on foam board, matting, cardstock, or similar material.
  • All photographs must be unframed.
  • Do NOT attach any material to the back other than labels.
  • Do NOT cover photographs with cellophane, acetate, or glass.
  • The photographer’s name, age, and category should be placed on the BACK of the mounting.
  • No more than 2 photos per category.
  • The entry deadline is June 29, 2012 at 4 p.m.

All entries must be turned in to the Great Western Bank-Sully Office or The Hometown Press, and must include an Entry Form and Fee.
$3 for 1st photo and $1 for each additional photo: (Limit 4 per person)


ADULT DIVISION: Age 16 & over                      ADULT DIVISION: Age 16 & over

    COLOR                                                                                       BLACK & WHITE

  1. PEOPLE                                                                                1. PEOPLE
  2. PLACES                                                                                2. PLACES
  3. OTHER                                                                                  3. OTHER


     YOUTH DIVISION: Age 8 – 15                             COMPUTER ENHANCED

  1. PEOPLE                                                                                1. PEOPLE
  2. PLACES                                                                                2. PLACES
  3. OTHER                                                                                  3. OTHER

Photos will be displayed at the Sully Community Center on July 4th

and ribbons will be awarded for each category.


Click here to download the entry form