Streets and alleys need to be cleared of parked vehicles and other obstacles at the start of a snow or ice event; thereby allowing City workers to clear snow and ice from these areas quickly and completely.  Vehicles parked on a city street or alley may be issued a parking citation.  In addition if vehicles or other items are not cleared from an alley to allow snow removal equipment to pass; the alley may not be cleaned of snow until the obstacles are removed.
Snow and ice control operations are expensive and involve the use of limited personnel and equipment.  Consequently snowplowing operations will not generally be conducted for snowfall of less than 2 inches.
Mailboxes—While the installation of mailboxes on the city right-of-way is permitted, the mailbox owner assumes all risk of damage except when a mailbox is damaged through contact by a plow blade, wing, or other piece of equipment.  Damage resulting from snow rolling off a plow or wing is the responsibility of the resident.
Landscaping—Property owners should assume all risk of damage for landscaping, including fences, nursery and inanimate materials that are installed or encroach on City right-of-way.  The City assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred to these elements as a result of snow plowing and ice control activities.
Other Private Installations—The City will assume no responsibility for underground lawn sprinkling systems, exterior lighting systems, underground electronic dog fences or any other non-permitted features privately installed in City right-of-way.
As a reminder, property owners are required to remove snow and ice from public sidewalks within 24 hours after ice and snowfall ceases.  Those responsible for snow and ice removal are not allowed to blow, push or place any snow or ice upon their neighbor’s property or upon a city street or city right-of-way.
The City of Sully is in search of an individual that is self-motivated and dedicated to his or her job.  This will be a part-time position with hours that may vary in the amount from week to week but will be less than 40 hours per week.  Job duties will be as follows:
• Mowing
• Assist with water and sewer operations
• Assist with snow removal
• Other street, equipment, building and grounds maintenance duties
• Must be able to work with limited oversight and able to demonstrate common sense and problem solving skills
• CDL with air brakes is required or be willing to obtain within three months of acquiring the job
• Be able to lift 75 pounds or greater
Applications are available at the city office; 318 6th Avenue, PO Box 247, Sully, Iowa 50251.  Applications or resumes accepted until position is filled.


The city has arranged for a dumpster at the public works facility (located at the west end of 5th Street in the business park) for Sully residents to dispose of leaves/yard waste as an alternative to burning.  Acceptable items are leaves and twigs less than one-quarter inch in diameter which must placed in a biodegradable bag.  DO NOT bring these items to the dumpster in a plastic trash bag.  Use biodegradable bags only.  DO NOT bring normal garbage to this dumpster.  There is a $250 fine for dumping items other than leaves/yard waste.  IF THE RULES FOR USE OF THIS DUMPSTER ARE NOT FOLLOWED, THE SERVICE WILL BE DISCONTINUED!  Your cooperation is needed and appreciated.

smoke testingThe City of Sully will be smoke testing sanitary sewer lines in late September or early October, once dry weather conditions return.  The purpose of the smoke testing is to determine the condition of the sanitary sewer system.  The testing will be conducted on a weekday by City representatives with the assistance of Garden & Associates.
The smoke should not enter the premises unless a leak is present in the plumbing or unless there is no water in basement floor drain traps or in plumbing fixture (sinks, showers, or bathtubs) drain traps.  It is important that the traps in drains be filled with water to prevent smoke from entering the premises.  
The smoke is non-toxic and will dissipate quickly.  If smoke is detected in the premises please notify the Fire Department by dialing 911, and please notify City Hall by dialing 641-594-3493.
Questions or concerns about smoke testing program should be directed to Barbra Maasdam at 641-594-3493.

The City of Sully has approved an agreement with Jasper County for asphalt paving on Highway F62/First Street inside Sully corporate limits with the project being awarded to Manatt’s Inc.  The first phase of construction has begun this week.  The second phase will be the asphalt overlay.  Residents are asked to avoid using First Street if possible during the construction period.  The construction project will involve use of a pilot car and may cause some inconvenience with access to First Street; however, the goal is to complete this project as smoothly and quickly as possible.  Should you have questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact a council member.

The map and list for the city-wide fall garage sales in Sully, Lynnville and Killduff are now available.

Click here for garage sale list and map