Van Wijk Winery

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The owners of Van Wijk Winery are Roger & Rebecca Van Wyk, Jon & Svetlana Van Wyk, and Adam & Pily Van Wyk.

You may notice that their last name, Van Wyk, and the name of the winery, Van Wijk, do not match exactly. Roger's surname is Dutch; when his ancestors came from the Netherlands, they changed the old Dutch spelling from Van Wijk to the Americanized Van Wyk. IJ written in cursive just looks like a Y with two dots above it, and one day Roger asked his great-grandmother why she was dotting her Y. Her explanation served as the inspiration for the winery’s logo. They selected Sully, Iowa to renovate an old church into a winery because Roger's ancestors moved from the Netherlands and settled in the Sully area. Once the winery is completed, it is their goal to purchase some land and plant a small vineyard in the not too distant future. But first, Van Wyks are learning the wine business from the retail perspective and “work our way backwards and sideways.” Watch for special events at Van Wijk Winery in Sully


  • Street: 802 4th St.
  • City: Sully


  • Telephone: 515-263-9455
  • E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it