The “heartbeat” of the city consists of elected and appointed officials.  Our elected officials are the Mayor and Council Members.  Our appointed officials are Library Board of Trustees, Board of Adjustment, Planning and Zoning Commission, City Clerk and Treasurer.
The mayor is the chief executive officer of the city and presides over council meetings and maintains order.  The mayor cannot vote on items before the council, but can veto an ordinance or resolution of the council.
The authority of the city resides in the city council.  The council votes on and passes motions, resolutions and ordinances.  Resolutions are statements of policy and ordinances are the laws of the city.  The votes of each council member are recorded in the minutes of a meeting.  The council also approves expenditures, the budget and budget amendments, contracts, city policies and zoning changes.  The City Clerk has many responsibilities that are set by the Code of Iowa.  Each city also appoints a city attorney to provide legal advice.
Collectively these officials come together and offer their time and talents for public service.  Each and every one takes the opportunity to represent the City of Sully with integrity, professionalism and making all decisions based on what is the very best for our community.
This election year there are 4 vacancies; Mayor and three Council Member positions that will be filled November 2, 2021.  The City of Sully is fortunate to have so many good people to offer their time and talent.  Do not be afraid to offer of yourself and become even more involved in the community.  If you are interested in becoming more involved, call the city office at 594-3493 for more details.  The campaign process as well as the election process is extremely date sensitive so please call now.