Spring Clean-up Day is a means for Sully residential customers to conveniently dispose of bulky items that do not fit inside a garbage tote. Participation is limited to those who have been issued a Midwest Sanitation garbage tote.
Although most household, bulky waste items may be set out for collection, there are certain items that will not be picked up on clean-up day (including but not limited to appliances and electronics). Please see the chart below for some of the unacceptable items. We also suggest donating any usable items to a charitable organization of your choice.
Pick up of bulky waste items will take place on the normal garbage collection day only. All acceptable items should be placed at curbside no later than 6 am on the scheduled collection day. Items not on the curbside by 6 am or placed out after the normal collection day will not be picked up. Please remember to keep all items at least 4’ from the garbage tote.
If you have any questions regarding clean-up day, please contact Midwest Sanitation at 641-628-2610.
Unacceptable Items That WILL NOT be picked up
•Televisions, computers, laptops & any other electronic items prohibited from the landfill
•Appliances-washers, dryers, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners & stoves
•Hazardous Waste: Automobile batteries, waste oil, oil-based paint
•Construction or remodeling materials
•Liquid waste or waste containing free liquids
•Waste generated outside the City limits
•Waste generated by non-residential customers, including businesses, churches and schools
•Agricultural waste from farm uses
•Solid waste containing asbestos or any other hazardous substance
Those wishing to dispose of any of the above listed items should make arrangements directly with a licensed hauler at their own expense.
Alliant Energy offers free pickup of older working appliances like refrigerators and freezers. Learn more and schedule your pick up at www.alliantenergy.com/appliancerecycling
Tires and hazardous household waste may be brought to the Newton Sanitary Landfill. Call ahead to (641) 792-3866 to allow certified landfill staff members to assist with unloading materials.
Check out Iowa DNR at www.iowadnr.gov/Environmental-Protection/Land-Quality/Waste-Planning-Recycling/Recycling for information on how to recycle or dispose of items such as electronics