November 8, 2021 - 7:00 P.M.
To help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the public may participate via Zoom:
Phone #: 312-626-6799or or Zoom app
Meeting ID: 865 3162 4894
Meeting Passcode: 528725
1. Call to Order: The order of the agenda is at the discretion of the mayor
2. Roll Call
3. Consent Agenda
    o Approve minutes of October 11, 2021
    o Approve payment of claims list
    o Approve Treasurer’s Report; Equipment Fund Summary and RLF Summary
    o Approve filing FY2021 Financial Report
    o Approve Class E liquor license renewal for Casey’s General Store 
4. PUBLIC FORUM:  This is a time set aside for comments from the public on topics of city business other than those listed on this agenda. The Council will not discuss or take any action on your comments at this meeting due to requirements of the Open Meetings Law but may do so at a future meeting. No profanity and no personal attacks will be allowed.
5. Consider request for reimbursement of tree limb removal
6. Christmas Event permit and budget request
7. Approve Library Board Trustee
8. Approve Library Assistant
9. Consider Janco Industries employment certification
10. Resolution to approve TIF annual appropriation
11. Review FY2023 TIF debt certification
12. Ordinance amendment for disposal of grass clippings
13. Ordinance amendment for disposal of leaves
14. Ordinance amendment for disposal of brush, shrubs and tree limbs, bark and branches
15. Garden & Associates review of Northridge Lot 19 Project
16. Payment Service Network (PSN) rate increases
17. Ordinance amendment for water rates
18. Ordinance amendment for sewer rates
19. Review items on Action Sheet
20. Reports: Public Works Director, City Clerk, Mayor and Council Members
21. Adjournment

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